These Kitchen Hacks May Save your Food from Getting Spoiled Fast 

One of the problems with having restaurant-quality dishes at home is the freshness of the ingredients. 

Buying bulk is usually one of the ways for us to save money. But, usually, we often forget or do not use most of the food we have in the fridge…. 

Leading to SPOILAGE

Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

We’ve all been there. It’s painful to throw away food. 

If you’re looking for ways to make your food be fresh longer….

You are in the right place. 

In this guide, we will share with you helpful ways on how we can make our food fresh longer and other kitchen hacks we used for our leftovers. 

Why is Food Storage Important

It reduces food waste and saves you money. Also, we can buy in bulk so we can save some cash.

Did you know that proper food storage can maintain the nutritional value of the food and preserve its quality?

At least, now you know.

Food Storage for Meat, Veggies, and Fruits

If you can organize your shelves, you can organize your fridge

Different food items may require various types of food storage containers. This ensures that the food will be fresh depending on which part of the fridge you put it in. 

For Meats, you want it to prevent freezer burn. For Veggies and Fruits, you want it to stay longer and fresh. 

Suppose you don’t know what to buy or what to use. Keep on reading. 

This is where we would like to introduce Glad.

Glad Philippines

Glad is an American company specializing in food storage plastics and trash bags.  They stand against food waste. This is why their products are very durable and dependable.

Glad keeps on innovating to keep our food shelf life longer. Making sure you have the freshness of the food.

Glad products also help make your kitchen and household chores a little bit easier.

Now let me introduce Glad’s products on how you can use it to maximize their technology.

Glad’s Press N Seal Plastic Food Wrap

This food wrap is different from Cling wrap because of its gripping technology. It can cover and stretch across plastic, paper, wood, metal, glass. 

It’s leakproof and spill-free, making it perfect for your leftover food without lids. 

Glad Press’s Seal food wrap is BPA-free, microwave-safe & offers airtight seal protection for all kitchen & household needs from freezing leftovers to Sunday meal prep.

If you want to keep cucumber or avocado fresh – Use Glad’s Press N’ Seal.

By the way, it can also prevent the apple from turning brown! 


  • To Open: Lift edge to start roll.
  • Pull sheet with design side up.
  • Place sheet over container.
  • Press – Using two fingers press the Press’n Seal sheet tightly against the dry rim.

Glad’s Airtight Storage Bags

If you want your food to stay fresh longer, you want to use Glad’s Airtight Storage Bags. It has a double lock feature that secures the food’s freshness yet is still easy to open. 

The Airtight technology holds leaks back and prevents unwanted air from getting in. 

This is perfect for leftover foods, fruits, vegetables in the fridge.

You can also use this for your marinade, seasoning mixes, dips etc. Perfect for large batches during parties.


  • Insert items in storage bags. 
  • Press the yellow and blue zipper together to make a green seal. 
  • Open the zipper about an inch to vent and place the food bag on a plate when microwaving.

Glad’s Freezer Storage Bags

Glad’s Freezer Storage Bags are extra thick and durable – best used for freezer and fridge to keep your food fresh. It prevents freezer burn.

You can move the food from the fridge to the freezer without losing its freshness.

We like with the freezer bag because it’s BPA-free and microwaveable – this means we safely defrost the food in the microwave.


  • To preserve freshness, squeeze all air out of the bag before sealing. 
  • To safely defrost foods, place the frozen food in Glad bags on a plate in the refrigerator. 
  • Do not defrost on the countertop. 
  • When microwaving, open the zipper about an inch (2 or 3 centimeters) to vent and place the bag on a plate. 

Glad’s Cling Wrap

One of the ways to extend your food’s freshness is using Glad’s Cling Wrap. 

It can prolong the freshness of the food by keeping the air out from the food. The Cling wrap can help protect from moisture loss.

It grips well to glass and metal, making it useful for portioning, preparing, steaming, and protecting.

This is why most caterers prefer Glad’s Cling wrap for their catering business. If they’re using it, why shouldn’t we? 

It is also BPA Free and can be used in a microwave. It won’t melt or warp inside. 


  • Find the start of the roll and return it to the box.
  • Place box on flat surface and push in tabs to hold the roll of plastic food wrap in place.
  • Pull amount of food wrap needed and tear up and across.
  • Slightly stretch wrap over food or container, so air does not seep in.
  • When using the microwave, allow at least 1 inch of space between cling wrap and food. Turn back one corner of food wrap to vent.

Glad’s Aluminum Foil

What better way to ensure perfectly baked or barbecued meats and vegetables – than to use Glad’s Aluminum Foil.

Glad Aluminum Foil is ideal for baking, barbecuing, and lining grills. They also have a non-stick version that is perfect for Fish. 

We love how it can cling to multiple surfaces, including glass, metal & wood, to keep leftovers fresh.

We also use Glad’s Aluminum foil to keep our oven racks clean by partially covering them when baking. It makes cleanup easier. 

Did you know that whichever side of the foil you use, it still has the same function?


  • Find the start of the roll and return it to the box.
  • Place box on flat surface and push in tabs to hold the roll of aluminum foil in place.
  • Pull amount of aluminum foil needed and tear up and across.

Glad’s Cook ‘N’ Bake

We used this Glad’s Cook ‘N’ Bake Non-Stick paper with our Dalgona Candy. We love how easy it is to remove the candy from the paper, and it can withstand the heat of up to 230◦C. 

We created a large batch of Dalgona candies for our Christmas party game. 

We love Glad’s Cook ‘N’ Bake because food won’t stick and burn onto cooking surfaces. Also, it eliminates the need for extra oil or fat when cooking for it not to stick. 

Glad’s Cook ‘N’ Bake Paper can be used when cooking in conventional ovens, microwave ovens, electric bench-top grills, barbeque hotplates, sandwich presses, and frying pans. 

It is also great for separating food when freezing, so you can defrost as little or as much as you need.

How did we use Glad for Cooking?

Vegetable Stock

Since preparing a stock is not a one-time use event. We cook it in big batches.

We used Glad’s Press n Seal for our excess vegetable stock.  The excess vegetable stock can be used for gravy, sauces, soups, and casseroles.

Here is the recipe we used for the Vegetable Stock: 

If you want to see how we use Glad’s Press N Seal, here is our recipe video link of Baked Gravy Chicken –

Foil Packets

Bonding moments with your family on the beach or in the plaza is really fun. Do you remember how much fun ihaw-ihaw was? —- BBQ, Liempo, Grilled Fish etc. 

Ohhh.. Great Times!

We usually have them in foils for easy and fast cooking, so we have extra time to play and swim. 

Recently, we’ve been trying to add foil packets to our food list because it’s super yummy and super easy to do! We’ve used Glad’s Aluminum Foil because we love how durable it is during grilling. It doesn’t break apart easily. 

Here is our recipe for Grilled Shrimp Foil Pocket.  

If you want to see how we use Glad’s Aluminum Foil, here is our recipe video link of Grilled Shrimp Foil Pocket-

Dalgona Candy

One of our favorite shows this year is the Squid Game. That’s why for this year’s Christmas game, we have decided to play the Dalgona Candy Challenge. 

The key here is to cook it in low heat and have the patience to melt. You turn off the heat, then add the baking soda. 

Make sure you’ve already prepared Glad’s Cook ‘N’ Bake. Once you see the creamy-looking color of the Dalgona, you can transfer it right away.

Make sure that you grease the stainless presser and the mold you will use with oil.

Here is our recipe for Dalgona Candy:

If you want to see how we use Glad’s Cook N Bake, here is our recipe video link of Dalgona Candy –

Chicken Wings

Everyone loves chicken wings, and everyone loves easy to cook chicken wings. 

The Cajun Butter Chicken Wings is our go-to snack whenever we plan to watch a Netflix marathon. Not only is it easy to make, but it’s also very flavorful.

One of our challenge back then is — it’s tough to mix the seasonings evenly.

That’s why using the Glad’s Airtight Storage bag made my life easier. 

All our excess chicken wings go into the storage bag. We like that it seals the freshness from the chicken which is perfect for next day cooking.

Here is our recipe for Cajun Butter Chicken Wings:

If you want to see how we use Glad’s Airtight Storage Bags, here is our recipe video link of Cajun Butter Chicken Wings-

These are some of the food we were able to create using Glad. More recipes will be uploaded on future dates. 

I hope we were able to share with you how wonderful it is to use Glad’s product to ensure our food is safe, fresh, and has a longer shelf life. 

If you have any suggestions on what we can cook next, message us. 

If you have other Glad’s Kitchen Hacks you want us to share, share it with us.

Before we leave, we want to share with you a SECRET.


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There would be 20 winners of Tefal Pressure Cooker.

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The Tefal Pressure Cooker would be a perfect Christmas gift for you and your family.

To know more information and updates on exclusive offers, follow Glad Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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